A team of talented weightlifters, coaches and technical officials will head to the Soroksar Cup International and Cultural Championships in Budapest next March.

In addition to organising training sessions within the county and wfurther afield, and on top of participation at various local and national events, Pembrokeshire Weightlifitng has now added international events to their athlete development programme.

The objectives of the event is to continue creating a positive team spirit and ethos, and develop trust and friendships within the team and those from other countries around Europe. Members will also try to learn about local culture with a long term aims of developing both the athlete and the person.

Volunteers are organising a number of fundraising events to financially support the event, first of which is a bingo night being held at the Bull Inn, Prendergast, on Wednesday, October 9th - and also a team sponsored lift. Team members will attempt to lift over 15,000kg within 30 minutes in December.

Attending the event from Pembrokeshire are Simon Roach, Darren Rogers, Stephen Donovan, Justin Head, Chloe Hood, Niamh Roach, Alex John, Ashleigh Barnikel, Ffion Barnikel, Lotty Whalley, Lexi Thomas, Mena Williams, Seren Mitchell, Grace Morris, Jack Thomas, Daniel Davies, Justin Head (junior), Aiden Aldred, Cai Owen.