The decade is coming to an end, and there are many memorable sporting moments in Pembrokeshire to reflect on.

Gordon Thomas, Fraser Watson, and Bill Carne have picked out ten of them (in no particular order).

First up......

Ironman explodes in Tenby:

When it was announced that the 2011 Ironman Wales would be coming to Tenby, many were unsure what to make of it.

Further still, some had no idea what it was.

10,000 spectators and 1,500 athletes later, and the legacy of what is now one of the most iconic annual events in Pembrokeshire was underway.

North Beach was packed long before dawn for the 2.4 mile swim while supporters crammed at vantage points all over the county for the 112 mile cycle. And the marathon run prompted an electric atmosphere as athletes were roared around Tenby, with the din lasting long after the midnight cut off point. For the record, Frenchman Jeremy Jurkiewicz was the winner in nine hours and four minutes.

The way the event was embraced inspired many. Fast forward eight years, and Tenby is now one of the World’s most popular Ironman venues and the noise levels have become legendary. The clamour to be involved from athletes and residents alike grows every year and the tales of non-sporting types revamping their lifestyle to take part are endless.

In 2020 we’ll have the ten year anniversary. It’s going to be off the scale.

FW: I was taken aback by this. At the time it was still a relatively unknown concept but I got to the Salterns Car park at 6am and it was basically full. The atmosphere was ridiculously good and has been every year since. The whole thing shows no signs of slowing down.

GT: It’s got to be the biggest sporting event to ever be held in Pembrokeshire, and every year it just gets bigger and better, long may it continue.

BC: I covered it with Ben Stone for local radio and was amazed at the range of countries from which competitors came – and it has grown significantly since then. I have also seen the cycling and running past huge crowds in the south of the county and it really is iconic. As for ever wanting to compete – forget it. I’ll leave that to the real tough cookies!