The decade is coming to an end, and there are many memorable sporting moments in Pembrokeshire to reflect on.

Gordon Thomas, Fraser Watson, and Bill Carne have picked out ten of them (in no particular order).

Here is number seven......

Tasker takes bronze at last:

Simply put, Pembrokeshire isn’t associated with winter Olympic sports.

Yes if you went to primary school around here you probably had a bash at the dry ski slope in Llangrannog, and you may have heard of Eddie ‘the Eagle’ - but competing on snow and ice has been a distant concept in these parts.

Which made watching former Greenhill pupil Bruce Tasker form part of the Team GB four man bobsleigh team in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi all the more surreal.

Tasker joined Stuart Benson, Joel Fearon, and John James in a commendable fifth placed finish, that was later upgraded to third following the disqualification of two Russian crews.

The only regret for Tasker and co was their moment of joy was stretched out over five years of investigations and appeals, but sure enough, last month they were finally presented with their coveted medals in London.

By then, former 400m runner Tasker was long retired after suffering a stroke in January 2018. He has since recovered and now stands as our county’s only ever Winter Olympic medallist - and it’s safe to say it will be a hell of a long time before we can boast another one.

GT: Bruce Tasker has deservedly been handed his bronze medal for his part he played in the Team GB four-man bobsleigh team in the 2014 Winter Olympics. The Russians had cheated so the former Tenby Greenhill pupil finally got his just reward as the first person from Pembrokeshire to win a winter Olympic medal.

FW: I spoke to him the day after the news of the Russian doping disqualifications broke and I thought he’d be angry at being denied the medal ceremony, the Olympic moment, and so on. But he wasn’t. He was content the team had performed to their best and the medal became a glorious bonus.

BC: What an achievement. There’s not much snow around Greenhill School to make an early start in his sport. I was thrilled that Russian cheating got detected and Bruce had the medal he and his team-mates deserved. What a flag-bearer for Pembrokeshire!