Fishguard boxer Mikey O'Sullivan gained double revenge over Repton ABC rival Luke Rodda in the recent Wales v England international at Cardiff's Sophia Gardens.

Having twice lost controversially to the Londoner in another back-to-back international in August, the Cardigan ABC boxer was determined to up his game.

Boosted by a split decision victory on the Saturday, O'Sullivan took up where he left off the following day, the Fishguard teenager piling the pressure on from the start, boxing nicely behind a strong jab and following up with strong punches from both hands.

Having tasted the Welsh boy's power early on, Rodda duly spent the whole fight on the back foot trying to keep his opponent at bay with some sharp jabbing.

Cardigan ABC head coach Guy Croft, an impressed spectator, said: “I don't think Mikey took a backward step throughout the whole fight.

“England had a whinge about the split decision, but there was only one winner in it for me.”

O'Sullivan was the only Welsh boxer to win on both days, with England taking overall victory.