A 2.4 mile row, 112 mile cycle, and 26.2 mile marathon - in the back garden.

It sounds bizarre, but it's exactly what Ian Darbyshire will be doing come May 16th in his self designed 'Gardenman Triathlawn'.

But as well as raising money for Hywel Dda, the 31-year-old will be ensuring plenty of others can get involved.

He was supposed to be fundraising this year for his event next Easter when he takes on three Ironman distance triathlons, on three consecutive days, in three different counties (Scotland, England, Wales).

That is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic but a recent cycling session in his 'pain cave' (garage) triggered an idea. 

"I was getting a bit frustrated and unmotivated, as I was training for nothing other than to become fitter.

"Then mid-session I was staring into the garden and thought, that’s it, 'Gardenman'.

"I jumped off the bike and started running round my garden. Half marathon, 750 laps and 3:37 hours later I knew it was doable but going to it be tough.

"I’m going to row in full wetsuit goggles and a swim cap. Then Zwift the 112 mile cycle and run just shy of 1500 laps in my garden.

"I think the day will be around 15-17 hours."

Zwift is a virtual interactive cycling platform where you can train or race remotely with anyone in the world - so others will be able to race him or simply get involved.

"The event will be live streamed throughout the day on all major social media platforms.

"I’m going to try bring that race day feeling to everyone who’s missing it including registration, national anthem, feed stations, transition and some rocking tunes."

Darbyshire has also been in touch with individuals and companies to arrange prizes for a competition giveaway.

"I know there’s a lot of people fundraising so I really do mean it when I say any donation no matter how small will make a big difference."

Darbyshire, who also plays football at Carew FC, is hoping to raise £2000 and you can donate by clicking here.