As a day in the garden goes, this was a pretty strenuous one.

But for Ian Darbyshire the pain was worth it on Saturday as he effectively completed an Ironman without having to leave his front gate.

Darbyshire undertook a 2.4 mile row, 112 mile virtual cycle and a 26.2 mile marathon with laps around his lawn. And it was all done in an impressive 12:39 minutes.

He managed to stream his challenge live via Facebook and actually answered questions and communicated with well wishers throughout the bike ride in particular.

But above all, his efforts have thus far raised more than £1500 for the Hywel Dda Health Board.

"It was an awesome day - although made a little bit dark from the uncontrollables," he admitted.

"It started with the row on a beautiful fresh morning - steam pouring off me boiling up in the wetsuit. I rowed over 400 meters without being able to see the distance reader as my goggles were so steamed.

"The bike was awesome filled with banter from other riders and a tricky question and stitch up up from a local journalist."

No comment.

The run however, nearly went awry due to a cruel turn of events.

"Before the run I jumped in a cold shower quick to shock the legs - but when I jumped out and the foot felt a bit sore.

"Walking down the stairs I realised I had hard, ball like swelling underneath my foot. I started to limp about 5 kilometres while my wife went to get me ice and tape.

He then iced and strapped up the injured area and duly completed the task.

"I couldn’t believe the pace I managed to build which helped motivate me.

"There was a change of strapping, socks, shoes and then I was away to finish the run but that was by far the hardest part. I totally underestimated the impact the constant short, sharp turns and changes of direction would have on the joints and it was really painful with the random foot injury.

"A few people asked me before the day how long would it take. I had no idea but was guessing around 15-16 hours so to I was delighted to finish in 12:39."

Needless to say, this was a 'garden' record and Darbsyshire is grateful for the support he had.

"Loads of people surprised me from a distance and popped by to cheer me on - and I had amazing amount of support throughout the day on social media."

The money is still coming in, and to donate to his cause click here.