Through the month of June volunteers at SAW will be working hard to prepare a fundraising campaign to support Mind Pembrokeshire.

The fundraiser, known as the 30:7 Challenge, is open to all and already has teenagers, sports people and over 60s are taking part. Individuals choose one of the challenges – a workout, run, walk or cycle, complete the challenge, then post on social media if they wish and then donate. Names of all who take part are put into a raffle to win a home gym kit bundle donated by SBD Apparel and Pullum Gym Kit.

SAW director Simon Roach said: “I know the pandemic is having a huge impact on mental health, some our friends, members and volunteers.

"Mind Pembrokeshire do fantastic work in the community and are a long-standing charity.

"This year they celebrate their 30th anniversary and this is how the 30:7 Challenge originated - not only raising funds for an outstanding charity through an extremely difficult time, but also celebrating 30 years of Mind Pembrokeshire and less importantly, seven years of SAW.”

More than £100 has been raised so far and to donate, or for more information on the challenge, click here.

30:7 Challenge workout - 7 exercises, 30 reps, 3 rounds:

Hand release press ups
Curtsy squats x 30
Plank twists x 30
Shoulder taps legs elevated x 30
Jumping squats

Scaled workout - 7 exercises, 30 reps, 3 rounds:

Press ups from knees
Step ups
Plank 30 seconds
Mountain climbers
Shoulders taps from knees
Half squats
Sit ups

Alternatively choose one of the below:

3km walk or run
7km walk or run
30km cycle
7 rep max lift (EG - max military press for 7 reps)