The Clarbeston Road team of the 21st century was picked by Dan Rees, Matt Fox and Huw Bevan.

Matt told Telegraph Sport: "This was a really difficult task, given that many of the current squad will walk into this side in a few years if they stay with the club.

"Therefore in some positions we have looked at it where they have contributed to the club over a number of seasons. But given current form, many of the existing squad would be pushing for places in this side. There are many of the current squad have the ability to drop in here but we have looked at it over the last 20 years."


A few choices could have gone with here. Gary Thomas had a couple of great seasons with us, and went on to win a West Wales cup with the Bridge. Also Lee Scott who is still at the club and current goalie Dave Pepper has settled in well, but we have gone with Matthew 'Chicken' Davies. A real talented all-round keeper, who is a great shot-stopper and his distribution is second to none. He’s not a bad midfielder either but we won’t tell him that! I predicted at the start of the season he would be one of the best keepers in the League this season, and he was showing that form before a nasty injury in Goodwick cut that short. 


I didn’t have the pleasure of coaching or playing with 'Turk' but he was selected by both Huw and Dan. They selected him as he is a great ball player who was really comfortable on the ball, read the game brilliantly, and should still be playing now. Best get on the phone to him! 


I remember Rheins coming through as a small, skinny 16-year-old and you could see what a talent he was back then!! I had the pleasure of playing centre half with him a few times and where I lacked pace, he had it in abundance. He really has grown (physically as well as, as a player) and one I thought had a real shout for the county side this year as on his day there is no better centre half arounf. Good on the ball, strong in the air, an all-round centre half.


Is Dan too modest not to pick himself? Of course, he’s not! However, in Dan’s defence, myself and Huw both picked him also. How could you pick a Clarby Road team from the last 20 years when he’s played every season for them since the age of 7. Still the fittest player in the team and this showed recently with his mileage in the Clarby Road Challenge for the NHS. A real winner and the biggest moaner but a great old school centre back. Great in the air, and often scores a few from set-pieces.


The better looking brother of Rheins, has a real engine at left back. Very good at going up and down the left wing, he is a winger’s dream as he will do the work of two. Probably the worst trainer in the squad, but on match day you know he will always put a shift in and perform well. The quiet member of the squad, but wild on a night out!


The 'gaffer' walks into this side for the work he has done for the club over recent years both on and off the pitch - taking the club to two successive Senior Cup finals. He has followed in his Dad Mickey’s footsteps in playing at the highest level in Pembrokeshire and is a naturally gifted midfielder who is good on the ball, a great passer with good vision for a pass. He reads the game brilliantly and is also known for the odd strong tackle! Quiet and unassuming off the pitch, but a referee’s nightmare on it. But one of the nicest guys you’d meet and a pleasure to work with as part of the coaching team.


Another player I was lucky enough to play alongside and coach. Not afraid to make you look silly with his quick turn of pace and majestic control. Has an absolute wand of a left foot, and great from set pieces. Another one who 'retired' too early and one we would all like to wheel out for another season or two. Also makes a mean pizza!


Kristian was very unlucky with injuries in his career, but his achievements speak volumes. He didn’t have a prolonged Clarby career, but one of those Rolls Royce Players who simply made the game look easy. He seemed to just cruise through a match and his reading of the game meant he always seemed that he had so much time on the ball.


Lightening pace, and a great crosser of the ball, Joules brings pace to the midfield. Has played for Clarby for a number of years, and has ability to turn a game himself with his direct running and ability on the ball. Another 'Mr Nice Guy' off the pitch and will have a good few years left in him!


I think it speaks volumes that Jason got in the Neyland team and he has only been there one season. A real intelligent striker, who’s knack of finding space in the opponent’s box, and his calm ability in front of goal means he will guarantee any side 20 to 30 goals a season. More than just a poacher though. His ability to find himself half a yard to score is second to none and one of the most consistent strikers in the Pembrokeshire League in the last 10 years. Kkey in getting Clarby promoted from the second division and then onto the cup finals in the following seasons. 


Richie pips the other striker spot given the service he has given to the club over many seasons. Has been unlucky with injuries in the last couple of years but has consistently scored goals for the club in every season he has played. Has great ability to score a goal from nothing and can also bring others into the game as well. Another one club man and will certainly end his playing days at Clarbie.



Not a bad option to have off the bench for any manager! His recent award of 'unsung player' for last season speaks volumes of his development and is really unlucky to miss out on a starting spot, but will walk into this side in a couple of years’ time once he has played a few more seasons. A real defender’s nightmare. Pace, power, and a direct style for a centre forward, and caused a lot of trouble for all sides he played against this season. Deservedly finished as top scorer for the club this season 


Another one who would and has walked into other sides, but having been at the club for a few seasons, he is another unlucky to miss out on the XI. Having played against him myself, he is just an absolute nightmare to face. Full of running, really good in the air and one of the best strikers in the Pembrokeshire League and still doing IT at the highest level. Always welcome home when he’s ready!


Midfield Maestro and another club legend who dominated the midfield for many years at Clarby. One of those players who just turned up, got on with the job in hand and did a very good job of it too. He was an ideal midfield partner for anyone and worked tirelessly. Another player who I am sure could still be doing a job and can dust off those boots at any time.   


I’ve treated it as a West Wales Cup Game and gone with more than three subs given this lad is too good to leave out of any squad. If you asked me to pick a game where Greg has had a bad 90 minutes I would still be sat here thinking. A real Mr Consistent in midfield and an asset to any side with his ability to dominate midfield and get the team playing. 



The club have had plenty of good ones in this period, with Huw Bevan leading the club so well for many successful seasons but I know Huw would be far too modest to pick himself. Like Chairman Steve Brown, June Harris, Del and Jenny Lewis as well of the rest of the committee, there is a real club spirit at the club. Special mentions to Darren Long who I played under and coached alongside, and Jason Wood but for me it can only be the current manager given he took the club to two successive Senior Cup finals. Besides, how can he not do such a good job when he has me working with him!