MILFORD Haven’s fishing industry will be under the spotlight in a BBC Wales real-life drama this new year.

Trawlerman Shaun Ryan, who lives and works in Milford Haven, will be featured in Wales in a Year, which starts Wednesday, January 9, on BBC One Wales at 8pm.

Examining the state of the Welsh sea-fishing industry, the programme gets to grips with the decline in Welsh food production and the numbers employed on deep sea trawlers.

Shaun employs eight members of staff, but will 2012 be the year that the Welsh trawler industry is finally scuttled?

For Wales in a Year, cameras filmed eight stories from all across Wales in 12 months last year and the real-life drama is sure to bring meaningful stories to a Welsh audience – from hopes and dreams to heartaches and despair.

Producer Ian Durham, said: “It’s been an unbelievable 12 months and having filmed so intensely over such a long period, we’ve developed close bonds with the families – their highs become your highs, their lows your lows too.

“I know we’ve all found it a very humbling experience because every family has been so generous with their time, and so honest and open in letting us film every aspect of their lives.

“For me personally it’s been a real life-affirming journey, because ultimately whatever situations we face it’s just reasserted my long held belief that all Welsh people are incredible.”

The series also features stories from New Tredegar, Dolgellau, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Merthyr and Bala.