Dangerous levels of dog fouling around the town could mean new dog control orders may be on the cards for Milford Haven pet owners.

Councillor Mathew Rickard said he was disgusted with the amount of dog fouling in and around Milford Haven.

At Monday's public works and planning committee he said: “I’m sure you have experienced, the same as I have, the amount of dog fouling that we have in the area.

“I took my sons to a rugby match at the Hakin rugby field recently, and there was dog faeces lying all over the pitch, while a dog walker with his dog off the lead was happily letting his dog do whatever it wanted. I was appalled by the conditions that these boys were playing in. It’s absolutely disgusting.“ Cllr Rickard said that introducing dog control orders may be the answer.

Requirements under the orders could include keeping dogs on leads, excluding dogs from areas such as children’s play parks, limiting the number of dogs on a specific piece of land at one time, or making sure owners clean up after their animals. This could be policed through fines or fixed penalty notices.

Cllr Rickard added: “It’s very dangerous if dog foul gets inside your body, and I strongly recommend that we get this actioned as soon as possible.”

But Cllr Cole said that the town council lacked the manpower to tackle the problem.

He said: “I do not think that we as a town council are in a position to take on this responsibility, and the financial and legal obligations that go with it.

“It’s something the county council doesn’t want, and we can’t afford.”

Councillors recommended to refer the issue for further discussion at the environment subcommittee.