STAFF at the tax office in Pembroke Dock are among 260 of Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) workers across Wales to be offered severance packages.

HMRC said 260 staff in Wales, including eight at the Pembroke Dock office, could apply for “voluntary exit”.

Across the UK 21 offices are affected.

Taxpayers’ increased use of online filing has been cited as one of the main driving forces behind the decision.

A HMRC spokesman said: “HMRC’s business areas have continually reviewed where work should be done and adjusted their workforce and offices in response to business need.

“The voluntary exits being offered to staff in 21 offices are as a result of one or more business areas concluding that these offices do not fit with their long-term plans, and that work that is currently being done in them is better placed in other offices.

Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union branch president for west Wales Steve Donoghue said he feared the move might be the “first step” to office closures.

He added: “HMRC has said it will keep the office open until 2015 but Pembroke Dock doesn’t feature in their long-term plans.

“The union’s official line is that staff should not jump. They should wait until they are pushed and they should not take the first package offered to them.”

PCS branch secretary for west Wales Paul Brown said a further announcement was expected to be made early next year.

South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart said: “I understand that HMRC is looking to cut eight jobs from its Pembroke Dock base, partly as a result of more people managing their tax affairs on-line. I shall be contacting the Treasury to ensure that any changes do not have any negative impact on the level of service provided to local customers.”