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    John Galt wrote:
    Wonderful, my quote seemed to annoy a number of you. I hope to continue that trend. I was a little worried that no one would get it (hence the clarification post), however you bright minded young freedom fighters seemed to get in in the end.

    I am surprised at the number of posts, since last week - clearly a testament to the small and unfulfilled lives you lead. What is shocking is that a number of them were during the working day - but should I be surprised that people with such venom and unpleasant views do not have jobs or are such slackers that they comment during company time?

    I am little more concerned that the labour party is trying to shut the hospital, but hey-how things like that clearly aren’t important to the “People of Pembrokeshire”

    KeanJo: your comment was appalling - having served time in the forces to hear you trivialise Hitler, the most atrocious man in modern history to a few council workers is just wrong and shameful. Brave men and women fought hard against him so that you could have your views. Do not take that for granted.

    Electra1: Congratulations for working out how to use Google. As your historical knowledge is so strong you will be aware that Theodore Roosevelt also was accused of incorrect tax claims.

    Martin Lewis: Using the argument that “99% of the rest of us” are right is an excellent one, an argument I am sure was used repeatedly when people started to question that maybe the world is not flat?

    Eckysense: Excellent point “Webcasting council meetings has proved a great asset for the electorate”. I would draw your attention to the webcast of the special council meeting where a QC said that in his opinion there had been no wrong doing. Yet everyone is listening to an auditor. If I want an opinion on how to add pensions in a balance sheet I will ask an auditor, if I want a legal opinion on how pensions should be paid under contractual law I will ask a QC.

    I find that you all use terms and phrases like “logic” and “the people of Pembrokeshire”, yet based on my logic and understanding of the people of Pembrokeshire, they voted for the Independents who are the MAJORITY. The independents then voted against the motion of no confidence ergo democracy in action. But clearly I don’t have the same grasp of logic and politics that you learned scholars seem to have.

    Anyway I look forward to all the nasty responses to this. A request for you all if you don’t mind please? If you could make comparisons to other random historical and famous figures that would be great?

    Some examples could be Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Kissinger, Oscar Wild and Dawn French?

    Many thanks
    John Galt
    1. I work for myself so always comment in my own time.

    2. If I wanted a legal opinion on how pensions should be paid I'd ask a pensions actuary. Just like the one employed by the mob down at County Hall for the February 14th meeting, who, by the way, was a hell of a lot more vague than Tim Kerr when it came down to what was right and wrong with the payments and the resulting tax implications.

    3. If you DO insist on asking a QC, be sure not to ask Tim Kerr because his legal advice to the council was to accept the WAO recommendations to rescind the arrangement because it was indeed unlawful, and as documents from Carmarthenshire County Council show, his opinion to them was to rescind the same arrangement as, on balance, it was unlikely to stand up in court if taken that far. This was obviously the reason that the ruling group did not want the legal advice available to all councillors.

    Tim Kerr argued BPJ's presence at the meeting that decided the unlawful payments as allowable in law. We could spend millions in council tax on QCs to argue the toss, it won't change the fact that his presence at that meeting was plain wrong.

    4. The public did not vote for the independents that form the majority:

    (a) Simon Hancock - defected from Labour to IPG after being elected as Labour councillor for Neyland East - received £15,000 SRA.

    (b) Sue Perkins - defected from Labour to IPG after being elected as Labour councillor for Pembroke Dock Llanion - received £15,000 SRA

    (c) Steve Joseph - defected from Plaid Cymru to IPG after being elected as Plaid Cymru councillor.

    There's your majority of 3 cancelled out by 3 people of dubious character, proving that the "people of Pembrokeshire" certainly did not vote for the "independents"

    I won't rise to your more puerile attempts at provocation.

    There is always going to be a minority of people who believe that this behaviour is acceptable. But I'll wager that Jamie Adams and most of the others that have supported BPJ in the chamber don't venture down to their local much these days. Just have a sherry from the decanter before dinner what?

    U fink ur klever, but you ain't mate."
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Pembrokeshire County Council chief executive survives vote of no confidence

Pembrokeshire County Council chief executive survives vote of no confidence

Pembrokeshire County Council chief executive survives vote of no confidence

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Pembrokeshire County Council chief executive Bryn Parry-Jones has survived a vote of no confidence at County Hall this afternoon.

After a lengthy debate following a series of notices of motion, councillors went to the vote.

Fourteen notices of no confidence had been submitted by separate councillors and had the chance to say why they felt it had been necessary to put them forward.

Cllr Bob Kilmister spoke first, he said that Mr Parry-Jones pay package was £65,000 more than the First Minister and "we should expect something very, very special. Instead we've had four years of major problems which have all been handled very badly".

He referenced the two failed judicial reviews relating to care home charges in 2010 and 2011, damning CSSIW and Estyn reports into child safeguarding and education in 2011 and the subsequent introduction of a ministerial board.

The motions had been put forward following the 'unlawful' pensions scandal that has rocked County Hall over recent months.

Of the controversial pension payments Cllr Kilmister said: "Even if legally it's right there's absolutely no doubt it's ethically wrong."

Cllr Tony Wilcox said the council was "stumbling from crisis to crisis" and there was an "air of arrogance".

Cllr Viv Stoddart added: "This council's reputation is in tatters, it's been on a downward spiral almost as long as I have been on the council and for all this time Bryn Parry-Jones has been chief officer of this council."

Council leader Cllr Jamie Adams said the reports by external bodies did not identify any individual in senior management in its criticisms but added that the chief executive had been named in an Estyn report for the way he had "responded and been involved in terms of making difficult decisions that were needed to move the authority forward".

He also said the chief executive had brought business investment to the county.

Cllr Sue Perkins said she believed the period when the safeguarding reports had been the worst time for the council but things were much improved.

She said she had voted against the chief executive in the past and he is "not my most favourite person" but now was not the time to "move someone out".

Twenty three members voted for the motion of no confidence, 30 against and there were five abstentions.

Former county council leader John Davies, who was in charge when the controversial pension arrangements were approved, abstained during the vote.


How did your councillor vote? Click here.

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