A disabled man who joined in a “serious and sustained” attack has been jailed for three years.

Nicholas Roach, aged 53, of Glebelands, Hakin, swore at Judge Keith Thomas at Swansea crown court as he was sent down.

Roach, who uses a walking stick, had been convicted by a jury of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent to Rhys Griffiths.

His co-defendant, Sean Davies, was convicted of causing gbh but without intent.

Helen Randall, Roach’s barrister, said he wanted to appeal the verdict on the grounds that Davies inflicted greater harm than he had and yet had been convicted of a lesser offence.

Judge Keith Thomas refused permission. He said it was possible the jury had decided Davies had been too drunk to form an intention to inflict gbh, while Roach had been sober.

The court heard that Davies had absconded and could not be traced. Judge Thomas said he would receive a similar sentence once he had been located.

Tom Scrapens, prosecuting, said Davies had been out to get Mr Griffiths and on the night in question was seen in various pubs around Haverfordwest.

At the end of the night he telephoned Roach and asked for a lift. As Roach drove him away from the town centre they spotted Mr Griffiths walking on the pavement and Davies attacked him with his fists and feet, causing a fracture to his jaw.

Roach, said Mr Scrapens, prevented people from helping Mr Griffiths and, after Davies had ended his attack, delivered one punch.

Miss Randall said the punch would not have caused much damage because of Roach’s physical disabilities.

Judge Thomas said he accepted that point but Roach had involved himself in a serious and sustained attack that had resulted in serious injury.