PEOPLE in Milford Haven are being asked for their views on plans to move the county council’s Customer Service Centre from the Town Hall to the library.

At the moment, people can pay bills, bid for properties apply for council tax and housing benefit, apply for Blue Badges and bus passes and make general enquiries at the town hall.

The proposals to relocate these services to Cedar Court would mirror similar moves in Fishguard and Neyland, where customer service centres have been merged with library and tourist information centre facilities.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: “The success of these examples, both in terms of convenience for the customer, and the efficient use of resources, has encouraged the authority to look at the possibility of developing joint face-to-face services elsewhere.”

But members of Milford Haven Town Council have voiced their opposition to the plans.

At a meeting on Monday, June 30, Cllr Tony Eden said he could “see no reason whatsoever” to move the centre out of the town, adding it would make it difficult for elderly or disabled people to access services.

Cllr Alun Byrne said he couldn’t see how it made sense to move from a building the council owns to one it does not.

He suggested a move to Charles Street would make more sense, to increase footfall in the town centre and boost local shops.

Cllr Rhys Sinnett said increasing footfall to the library could be one benefit of the move, but said he was concerned about the future of the Town Hall should it go ahead.

Mayor Eric Harries said he would be raising the issue of the implications of moving services with the county council.

The consolation runs until Friday, July 25, and forms are available at the Town Hall or at

There will also be a touch screen kiosk at the Library and Information Centre for customers to give their views.