AT a public meeting tonight, called by Labour councillor Paul Miller, residents were urged to use grassroots campaigning to lobby their councillors into taking action against chief executive Bryn Parry-Jones.

Cllr Miller, leader of the opposition group at County Hall, highlighted the importance of getting 'unlawful' pension payments of around £45,000 back from Mr Parry-Jones following the stopping of the controversial scheme.

But Cllr Miller emphasised that the campaign must come from the public and not politicians to be most effective.

There was a good turn out at the meeting in Haverfordwest where many questions were asked about the pension scheme condemned by the Wales Audit Office and other scandals presided over by Mr Parry-Jones.

There was also a lot of emphasis put on the role of the ruling group at County Hall, the Independent Plus Group, led by Cllr Jamie Adams, in protecting Mr Parry-Jones and the importance voters would have at the next election if a change of membership is to be made.

"We've got to have a clean sweep," said Cllr Miller. "We won't be involved in anything that isn't anything other than a clean sweep."

Cllr Miller added that the procedures for calling an extraordinary meeting and enacting disciplinary procedures had begun.