DOG poo was on the agenda at a meeting of Milford Haven town council on Monday night.

A proposal by Cllr Rhys Sinnett to pay Pembrokeshire County Council £96 to install a waste bin at Marble Hall Close was supported by a majority of councillors.

Cllr Jon Cole said dog mess was a problem on every street in the town, with mothers having to “keep their eyes glued to the pavement” while they pushed buggies.

But he and several members said the town council should not be taking responsibility of issues the county council should be dealing with.

Cllr Eric Harries said the council was moving into a situation where the county council was increasing council tax, yet local councils were being forced to take over the running of services.

They in turn were having to increase their precepts, resulting in tax payers "getting hammered at both end".

Cllr Sinnett said the town council had two options, either “shrug its shoulders or write pointless letters to Pembrokeshire County Council”, or “take the bull by the horns”.

Cllr Rose Gray also reminded dog owners they could dispose of waste in any bin, rather than leaving it on the ground or "tied to a tree like a Christmas decoration".