A drunken pensioner assaulted a guard and threatened to blow up a Milford Haven train while on a day trip, a court has heard.

Michael John Thomas, 71, of Crynallt Road, Cimla, Neath, pleaded guilty to assaulting Robert Clinch when he appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday.

Vaughan Pritchard-Jones, prosecuting, told the court that train guard Mr Clinch asked Thomas to leave the train for 10 minutes while it was cleaned in Milford Haven station on March 25.

Thomas swore at the guard in an aggressive, drunken manner, and was told to get a coffee and sober up. He replied that he would blow the train up, and was then told he was too drunk to be allowed to travel.

Thomas pushed the guard in the chest with both hands before going to sit on the platform and was told he would not be allowed back on the train.

He was still on the platform when the guard returned and was warned that the police would be called if he did not leave.

Mr Pritchard-Jones said: “For no apparent reason the defendant went to push the guard again. He lunged at him with two hands and sort of jumped. Due to his drunkenness he came into contact with the guard, but bounced off him and fell onto the floor.”

The guard dropped the food he was carrying when barged by Thomas, and police officers were subjected to foul language when they arrived.

Mr Prichard-Jones added: “There was no physical injury but it was an unpleasant incident.”

Mike Kelleher, defending, told the bench that Thomas could not recall anything about the incident but apologised for his actions.

“He can remember being on the train, and the next thing he can remember is being on his hands and knees on the platform and being handcuffed.”

“He wanted to get out of Neath for the day and came to Milford Haven. Clearly he had too much to drink.

“He has a feeling that he perhaps was not treated as a 71 year-old might expect to be treated. The paperwork describes him as middle-aged, which is somewhat of a compliment to him. Attitudes towards him might have changed if they had realised he was 71.”

Mr Kelleher added: “He suffers from anxiety and that’s the reason he wanted an away-day, but unfortunately he had too much to drink and rather spoilt it for himself.”

Magistrates imposed a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £25 compensation to the guard.

He will also pay £85 court costs and a £20 surcharge.