YESTERDAY (Wednesday) the Pill Social Centre hosted the first drop-in of PALs.

Pill Activities and Laughs is a new weekly Wednesday morning social event running from 10am until midday.

As well as the usual hot drinks, cake and biscuits, there is a variety of boardgames as well table-curling and Jenga. 

At the first session, things got so competitive over the Scrabble board that the players gathered an audience.

The Rural Wisdom project, run by Volunteering Matters in Pembrokeshire and dedicated to Milford Haven for the next 18 months, has been working with Colin Sharp, town Mayor, to get the sessions off the ground. 

Cllr Sharp was keen to see more happening around the Pill area and the Rural Wisdom project could provide the time and legwork to help.

Rachel Evans of Volunteering Matters said, "We are ready to extend a warm welcome to anyone who fancies a sociable, relaxed morning - we're starting with board games, but are open to other suggestions. 

"Also, the Royal Voluntary Service joined us this morning and other useful organisations will drop in week by week in case anyone wants some informal advice."

For more information, please call Rachel on 07733 265769.