I READ with some interest the letter from Tim McMahon concerning blood donation in this week’s edition of the Western Telegraph.

I am also a blood donor, and have so far given 75 donations that hopefully have helped countless persons recover from major operations or heal their bodies with new life-giving fluids.

Blood is definitely an essential commodity that many persons take for granted.

Just one donation could help up to eight babies survive, bring a loved one through an operation or simply aid someone after a major accident.

This could be your child, your loved one or even yourself that needs the donation; what would the hospitals do without it?

Admittedly there are certain groups that oppose the giving or taking of blood on religious grounds and I commend them for their beliefs, but blood is an essential commodity that keeps our bodies alive.

As Tim states “it only requires a few minutes of your time”, minutes that could give the recipient many more years of life. It is basically a painless procedure, and it does not take your body very long to replenish itself once more afterwards.

The first donation made always makes the donor feel apprehensive, but the blood donation staff are always at hand to give encouragement, and a little chat with the other donors around definitely helps to ease the tension.

I would urge anyone of suitable age and weight to just try to donate at least once in their lifetime.

Blood supplies are always low, so come and join our merry band of donors.

Hopefully then you will no longer have any qualms about donating and will aid to keep the population living longer, happier and healthier.

W. F. HILL Charles Street, Milford Haven.