IT’S getting to that time of year again where our beautiful Pembrokeshire will be inundated with tourists hoping to experience some of the lovely beaches and scenery that we are blessed with all year.

I find it extremely embarrasing that to access two such places, Newgale and north Pembrokeshire, Fishguard/Newport, most people will have to pass two horrendous eyesores; the Old Roch Gate Motel and The Brynawelon at Letterston.

Both these places are falling down, vandalised and genererally in dire need of knocking down.

I know they are both privately owned, but surely there must be something the council can do to force the owners to do something about them as they are in such prominent positions and in such a bad state of repair? Even putting a tall wooden fence round the pair of them to hide them would be better than what you have now!

Something needs to be done, we cannot go another season like this, it is going to start affecting visitors and the reputation of the area.