MAY I through your letters page express my grateful thanks to every one who worked so hard to ensure Neyland Town Miscellany was such a marvellous celebration of the true meaning of Christmas.

Dean Mrs Julie Paxton extended a warm and friendly welcome on Behalf of Bethesda Chapel with prayers and readings.

Neyland Ladies Choir performed a new song for the first time, accompanied by Mr. Peter Griffiths on the drum and conducted by Mrs Lynne Kellerher. It was a very different style and an enthralling composition.

Rev Alan Chadwick and ‘Peter the Post’ once again entertained us with a surprise sketch that was very light-hearted whilst carrying the message of the birth of Jesus.

Neyland School Choir conducted by their teacher Mrs.

Alison Davies had us all swaying in our seats to their enthusiastic singing of the Calypso Song.

Mrs Dinty Jenkins through her readings, brought home the important message of reconciliation and service, a valued message in these modern times. That working with and for each other brings peace.

Neyland Army Cadets with their Sgt. Instructor Myles Measey read a ‘rap’ bringing a very modern twist to our Christmas celebration.

Mrs Christine King who played the clarinet so beautifully held us all quite spell bound.

The hours of practice and dedication that goes into our Town Miscellany is greatly appreciated, and from speaking with the people in our community, visiting dignitaries and guests who came along that evening into the beautifully decorated chapel, it was a joyous atmosphere that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

May I thank everyone who attended most sincerely and I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas.


Mayor of Neyland