I AM not a local resident but a frequent visitor to Fishguard and Pembrokeshire. I am concerned about the dog fouling on the coastal path between Heol Emrys, Fishguard and Goodwick.

Today I took my two daughters along the path with my brother and his two-year-old daughter who stood in dog mess and inadvertently transferred it to my brither’s clothing. The path was littered with dog faeces and I would estimate there were six to eight areas of dog faeces within the area of a mile. I have written to Pembrokshire Council as there are no warning notices or bins in this area for the disposal of dog faeces. Could I ask that some form of article is printed in your paper requesting dog owners to clean up their dog’s mess. This is a disgusting problem and for a two-year-old child to be exposed to a health risk is unacceptable.


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