Anger as hospital faces yet another service cut

1:03pm Wednesday 5th February 2014

RE: WITHYBUSH CUTS - Overnight paediatric services to go.

LIZ RICHARDS said: “Another nail in the coffin for our hospital. This is disgraceful.

What will be next?!”

CLAUDINE HAYWARD said: “It’s going from bad to worse for Withybush.”

ANGHARAD BURGE THOMAS said: “Surprise, surprise.

Then it will be A&E, CCU etc. There is no smoke without fire. Poor Pembrokeshire people.”

RACHEL POUCHER said: “This is an awful shame.

Pembrokeshire will be a dangerous place to live. Lives will be lost!”

CHRISTINE JENKINS said: “This is disgusting. I for one will bring charges of corporate manslaughter to the trust if anything happens to any of my children.

These cuts are going to start affecting the whole county and people are not going to want to live in Pembrokeshire anymore. It must not happen at all.”

HILARY RILEY said: “At this rate there won’t be a hospital here in a few years, it won’t be safe to live in Pembrokeshire anymore.”

DIANA VAUGHAN-THOMAS said: “Absolutely disgusting news. Me and my kids have been patients here. My daughter was kept in over night last week. We owe our lives to this brilliant hospital.

It’s terrible news.”

LESLEY TUCKER said: “I moved from Pembrokeshire to go to university and would love one day to move back, but not now. When I had my little boy he was born by emergency C-section.

How would things have turned out if we still lived in Pembrokeshire?

He has also accessed paediatric care twice since being born, both of which were stays of a few days. Shame on the people who have made this horrendous decision. It just does not make sense.”

AMANDA MILLS said: “Wouldn’t it make more sense to get rid of Glangwili?

They are nearer to Swansea services, have better road connections and Carmarthenshire has less population than Pembrokeshire!

It’s all senseless and yes lives will be lost.”

JULIE DAVIES: “After seeing the SWAT letter, they are also cutting A&E to 12 hours a day as of April 1, closing maternity and obstetrics. How many people do they want to kill? It took me 55 minutes to get to Carmarthen yesterday due to road works and 30 minutes to find a parking place. How are they going to cope? They can’t manage now.”

RE: SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) closure SHADOWER said: “Has the health minister travelled on Pembrokeshire/ Carmarthenshire roads during adverse weather/holiday traffic/farm seasons (silage etc), ort he early hours of the morning during winter?I doubt it. Is he going to get all ambulance drivers pilots’ licences so they can fly from Withybush air field in leased helicopters?”


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