'Desecration' of historical sites in hills

1:35pm Friday 18th April 2014

AN extract of my letter sent to the Welsh government in response to the Cadw Heritage Bill consultation.

I WISH to register a protest in the strongest possible terms regarding the desecration of ancient historical sites across the Welsh hills, that will come about when those hills, or neighbouring hills are destroyed by gigantic wind turbines up to 475 feet tall.

Do Cadw and the Welsh Government not realise that 475 feet is only 50 feet short of Blackpool Tower and there will be hundreds of such leviathans across Wales?

It is an absolute disgrace.

How can anyone who cares for Wales and its history not protest vehemently at this wanton destruction of wild Wales and its history?

George Borrow must be truly spinning in his grave.

In fact, there is nowhere in this ancient land of ours that does not contain the remains of ancient castles, Bronze and Iron Age hill forts and burial chambers; scenes of battles to defend our land etc etc.

It is a disgrace that such unspoilt sites will be buried beneath tonnes of concrete and asphalt to support 475 feet high whirling eyesores to power England... not Wales.

The likes of D J Williams and Owain Glyndwr fought valiantly - tooth-and-nail - for Wales, Cymru Fach. Now Cadw, who are there to protect such sites, and the Welsh Government are selling Wales down the river in the name of useless , part-time, trivial wind energy !!

Wind energy will not close a single fossil fuel power station, due to the part-time nature of the wind.

It is an absolute scandal.

Come on Cadw. Fight for Wales. Fight for our history.





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