ANDREW Pierce writes in the Daily Mail (Monday, April 7, 2014) that it is typical of UKIP’s mixed thinking to call for the introduction of solar panels on pensioners’ homes, even though Nigel Farage and co believe that man made global warming is a myth. Well really! I would suggest that it is Andrew Pierce who is attempting to muddy the waters.

The main reason, as most folk know, for having PV panels fitted is purely one of economics and nothing to do with claimed global warming, anthropogenic or otherwise – generating free electricity (from the sun) and the carrot of the subsidy, namely the Feed-in-Tariff being the big attraction.

If a pensioner (or indeed any person) in an attempt to reduce their horrendous fuel bills, can afford the cost of installation (or indeed have panels fitted free or at a bargain price) of a solar panel system, then good luck to them - methinks the misplaced attempt to disparage UKIP by Mr Pierce is rather silly.