AS HERE (in Spain) the climate and temperatures for June, July and into September head in the 40 degrees C to 50+C range the local children are waiting for June 19 because they break from school for a solid three months.

Yes they have air-conditioning in the schools but, apart from the cost, would you want to be inside when the weather is inviting is to be outside?

Do the parents worry about the long vacation? No!

Are the children possibly bored?You have to having a laugh!

The schools officially are closed, but many have their gates open for children to use the the playgrounds and often the gyms, tennis courts and basket ball facilities.

The whole extended family, parents and grandchildren and aunt and uncles make sure their children are never bored.

So when in the UK, when parents dread the six week summer holidays, just think like Spain. It could be three months.


Formerly Pembrokeshire, now Andalucia, Spain.