THE Haven Hope Mission Week ended last Sunday and what a week it was. There were many testimonials of individuals who found Jesus in the most unlikely places.

The minister from Cornerstone Church in Swansea gave an inspiring talk on healing and prayers and then there was the Salvation Army. Cleddau Community Church razed the tent roof with tremendous singing and entertainment throughout the week and special appreciation must go to all the other churches involved in helping out.

For me though the highlight was being asked by some children if I believed in God on the green. I was astonished, as they were only about four or five years of age.I replied ‘yes I believe in God’ and they said ‘so do we’, how lovely.

To finish, we started on the water gardens last Saturday evening with many locals turning out, young and older ones.

Could anyone with carpentry skills spare a few hours a week to mend one of the bridges? Thank you.

We meet again around 4pm next Saturday and then one or two evenings.

We have had donations of free tools, including a pile driver which I used to good effect on some nasty weeds.

Many thanks to all who have turned up and donated materials.


Milford Haven