I WAS very surprised to read in your paper about Mr Otumeluke Umughele consultant surgeon at Withybush Hospital.

In May 2008, whilst recovering from a heart attack in Withybush, my husband, David, became very ill with an aneurism in the blood vessel leading to his spleen.

Mr Umughele put the facts before me, explaining that if he didn’t remove the spleen, my husband would die. It was a very serious operation, as David has heart disease, as David had a heart attack and was diabetic, on insulin.

The operation was a complete success and David lived for another five years, thanks to the skill of Mr Umughele.

I can’t speak too highly of him, as a surgeon and as a most caring and approachable man.

I feel I must tell of the first class care David received and also of the kindness he showed me.


Milford Haven