I WAS interested to read the recent article and correspondence concerning Mr Otumeluke Umughele, consultant surgeon at Withybush hospital. Last year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and placed under Mr Umughele’s care.

He operated upon me in October 2013 and unfortunately, due to unexpected complications, a second operation was necessary a few days later with a lengthy stay in hospital. I have subsequently, with follow on chemotherapy, made a total recovery. Throughout the whole period Mr Umughele was extremely professional and caring, demonstrating sympathy and support of not only myself but my wife also. It was never too much trouble to explain and clarify matters when required and to provide medical intervention at all times of day and night, in fact he appeared to be omnipresent in the hospital.

I must also state that his team lived up to his own high standard of expert care.

In addition during all my various visits and residences in Withybush hospital I have received nothing but the most first class care and treatment from all members of staff that I have interacted with.


Llanion Park

Pembroke Dock