Dear editor, In your article of last week regarding noise pollution, you quote ‘a South Hook spokesman said’ they were addressing the concerns of a ‘small’ number of local residents over ‘alleged’ ship noise.

This phrase gives some indication of LNG’s attitude to complaints.

It is not ‘alleged’ ship noise, it ‘is’ ship noise, and regarding the ‘small number of local residents’, when you consider that for every single person who takes the trouble to phone in a complaint there are many more who do not bother, then the numbers who suffer this pollution, are ‘not’ small.

Recently pumping on an LNG tanker at South Hook was very noticeable at 1am. My wife said we should phone in now and complain, but what’s the point?

All we get are phrases like ‘we are looking into the problem’. The noise is particularly loud when the tide is in, as the pump noise resounds off the surface of the sea. It must be particularly frustrating for residents at South Hook overlooking the jetty, as it is for residents within a mile of it.

Ian Fairburn Gelliswick Bay resident