PRESELI Pembrokeshire MP Stephan Crabb has asked that the Health Minister meets with him to discuss controversial health service changes planned for the county.

Mr Crabb wants to discuss ‘Pembrokeshire people’s total objection to the loss of specialist maternity care at Withybush Hospital’ with health minister Mark Drakeford.

He also asks that Mr Drakeford meets with the Save Withybush Action Team and other local people ‘who will be able to explain in their own words why it is so important that no vital services are removed from our local hospital’.

Mr Crabb is urging Mr Drakeford to reconsider the significant evidence provided to him outlining the serious risks posed to constituents if vital local services are cut.

“I share the dismay and frustration of my constituents who feel that this evidence and their own views and experiences have counted for nothing in the decision making process. I have heard countless testimonies from local people about how the Special Care Baby Unit has saved the lives of their own close family members,” states Mr Crabb’s letter.

He adds: “At no stage have people in Pembrokeshire felt that they were being given clear and transparent information, wither from the local Health Board or from the Welsh Government, regarding the true intentions about the long-term future of Withybush.

“Our road network does not allow patients in critical conditions to be transferred easily and there is no question that any addition to the existing journey time will put lives at risk.”

He also raises questions relating to the Welsh Government’s use of central government funding.