Pembrokeshire People First (PPF), the local charity run by and for adults with learning disabilities, has pulled off a major coup for a second year running; hosting the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) Human Rights Tour.

The tour is a hugely successful series of free pop up events, providing space for a conversation about human rights, through discussions, presentations and interactive sessions.

"It is a huge thing to get the UK's leading human rights charity to come to Haverfordwest," said PPF project coordinator, Karen Chandler.

"Last year's event was terrific. The morning training was about the Human Rights Act, setting the scene then looking at the articles.

"The afternoon involved debate looking at human rights in the news and then pinning it down to Pembrokeshire."

Local people and organisations, including public officials, voluntary/community sector workers, support service providers, those involved in education, health and social care are invited to the free event to talk about how human rights are relevant to everyday lives.

The day before the event PPF members will present a piece of theatre exploring human rights to members of the institute.

"The actual event is not for our members, which is very unusual for us," said Karen. "We don't like doing anything without our members. So they are presenting to the BIHR the day before the event.

"Our members know a lot about their human rights and how important it is to retain them. They are passionate about the human right s act and want to show the big guys from London what they know."

The Human Rights Tour will take place from 10am-4pm on October 2, at The Merlin Theatre, Pembrokeshire College, Haverfordwest.

Places are free but strictly limited. To book a place, visit