PEMBROKESHIRE’S branch of the National Autistic Society Cymru (NAS) has been letting more people know about the services available.

Run by a group of hard working volunteers, who all have a link to autism through their family or friends, there are now nine committee members based across the county.

Treasurer Lisa O’ Sullivan said the NAS stand at the Pembrokeshire County Show had been visited by lots of people, allowing her, and other volunteers, to let people know they are not alone.

“It can be quite isolating,” said Lisa of looking after someone with autism.

“It can be at times a reclusive illness because they don’t understand social situations.

"The group spends its time fundraising, raising awareness and making life easier for families with autism in Pembrokeshire,” she added.

Volunteer Lisa Othen added: “It can come across rude but it’s because they can’t pick up social clues and they don’t give them back, it can be very hard for them. They take things literally.”

The Pembrokeshire branch has been going for three years and has more than 50 members throughout the county.

It has been instrumental in lowering diagnosis times in Pembrokeshire and is currently campaigning to improve adult services in the area as most will people will not receive additional support after reaching 16.

The group arranges days out and events all geared for children with autism and also runs a youth club for children over 10.

The autism friendly events are popular with autistic children and the rest of their families, they include coffee mornings, social evenings, autism friendly cinema screenings, bowling, workshops, ASD sports and social group and monthly branch meetings, often with a guest speaker, in Goodwick, Haverfordwest and Pembroke.

To get in touch with the branch call 07425 622363 or email