Users of public toilets in some parts of Pembrokeshire will have to pay up to 20p to spend a penny in the future, as Pembrokeshire County Council has outsourced the management and maintenance of its remaining toilet stock to a private company.

Specialist provider of public toilets, Danfo, has made a successful bid to take over Pembrokeshire’s conveniences and has been running the facilities since August 1st.

In a report to the environment overview and scrutiny committee today (Thursday), Ian Westley, director of transportation, housing and environment, notes that Danfo : “Has committed a level of investment into the public toilet stock and will introduce charging mechanisms on a number of facilities where they feel a return can be realised.”

The maximum charge the company will be able to levy is 20p, a previously agreed by Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet.

The report adds that the ten council staff employed to maintain public toilets have been seconded to Danfro. Consultation with both staff and trade unions is ongoing with aim of transferring the staff permanently to Danfro on the same or better terms, that they are currently on with the council.

The report recommends that Danfro be invited to detail its plans and proposals at the next meeting of the overview and scrutiny committee