THE northern breakwater at Fishguard was Neyland and District Sea Anglers latest venue.

A breezy day was expected and may be a shower or two, but nobody could see the storm coming from Shaun Williams, for the fourth match in a row he took the first prize with the heaviest bag of 21lbs 4ozs and 8drams, in that bag was a conger Eel of 13lbs 5ozs, it’s been a long time since the club has recorded a weight as high as this, he also picked the pool up for the heaviest fish, Dad Keith was bridesmaid again with his bag of 8lbs 2ozs, Keith has finished second behind his son for the last three competitions. Secretary Pat Beisly took the third with a bag of 6lbs 2ozs, fish recorded were conger, silver eel, lesser spotted dogfish, poor cod three bearded rocklin, pout, whiting, shore rocklin, corkwing and barron wrasse. The adjudicators were Bernie Davies, Richard Davies, George Hawkridge. Next match is at Amroth on May 25¸fishing 1 till 6pm. Book in from noon until 12.30pm.