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A site takeover consists of the following adverts: Leaderboard, Sponsor Slug, MPU, Skyscraper and Bottom Leaderboard. The site take over will display all 5 adverts at the same time which is excellent for getting a noticed by the user. Each advert can display a different message or they can all be styled the same, for branding. These are one of our most successful options for getting a message across.

Site take over’s are booked by page impressions. Please note that a site take over will still rotate with other booked adverts. It will not appear constantly. It can be booked to run site wide (on every page with all 5 positions available) or to a section, which would maximise use of page impressions to a required audience. For example sports themed take over running only in the sport section.

Our Design Service
As part of your package we can create your online adverts for you at no extra charge but if you wish to supply artwork here a few important notes:

• All files must be supplied as GIF or Flash rich media file. If Flash is used, the following click tag must be inserted:
on(release) { getURL (clickTag, "_blank"); }

• A back up GIF must be supplied for all Flash files.

• Recommended animation length: 15 seconds.

• Creative deadline: to be supplied 3 working days prior.

• On certain adverts we allow the use of sound. Audio must be user-initiated only (on click) with a clearly visible 'sound on/off' button.

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